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Mission Statement

              Rocky Mountain School Mission Statement
    Rocky Mountain School is committed to providing all students with a quality education within a safe and caring learning environment.  When students graduate from Rocky Mountain School, they will have the academic knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary for high school and beyond.  In order to achieve our Mission Statement, Rocky Mountain Public School is committed to helping all students:

1.)  Acquire and utilize the basic academic and communication skills necessary to become independent problem solvers and lifelong learners.
2.) Establish and sustain a respect for self and others.
3.) Demonstrate a comprehension of and a responsibility to local, national, and international issues.
4.) Develop and express personal creativity and respond to the creative works of others.
5.) Possess and practice personal technological literacy and life skills.
6.) Recognize the historical significance and contributions of the ethnic cultures that make up our national citizenry.
7.) Acquire an awareness of career opportunities and attain the vocational and /or academic skills necessary for employment of further education and training.
8.) Practice responsible mental and physical health.