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Jennifer Cone

Jennifer Cone, 9 days ago

Cherokee Nation Remember the Removal Bike Riders will stop and spend the night at Rocky Mountain School on Wednesday, June 19th. They are expected to arrive at school at approximately 4:00 PM. We would like to invite the community to come Wednesday and help extend a “welcome home” to the riders prior to their homecoming in Tahlequah the following morning. Once they are finished, they will have logged approx 950 miles that the ancestors traveled during The Trail of Tears. This year marks the 35th Anniversary of the Remember the Removal Bike Ride. Rocky Mountain’s own Marie Eubanks is participating this year as one of the mentor riders. She has ridden a strong ride and is looking forward to sharing her experience and knowledge of history with others. Make plans Wednesday to be at the school early to welcome the riders and plan to stay a while for a casual afternoon to visit, take pictures, learn what it takes to participate on future rides and show encouragement to the riders. see pic

Alicia Ketcher

Alicia Ketcher, 24 days ago

Students who signed up with Mrs. Avila and Mrs. Goldman should report tomorrow. The hours for the camp are from 8-2 M-Th. Transportation breakfast and lunch are provided. We are needing magazines (sports, better home and garden etc )for camp.

Jennifer Cone

Jennifer Cone, 27 days ago

7/8 grade basketball camp at Rocky Mountain Thursday and Friday see pic

Jennifer Cone

Jennifer Cone, 30 days ago

Monday, May 27 Memorial Day in Washington DC Capitol Building, Library of Congress, Supreme Court, Iwa Jima Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery. Please check our Facebook page for more photos of the trip. see pic

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