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Welcome to Rocky Mountain School, 
home of the Rockets 🚀 

Today’s game taught patience, perseverance, and persistence!!  Going into the 4th quarter, the score was 0-0. Jennings scored a touchdown. Our boys had the choice of becoming disheartened and downtrodden or rally together and do the job that they have practiced each day with Coach Page. 
They chose to rally, drive down the field and score not only a touchdown to tie the score, but pushed through to seal the game with the 2 point conversion with 1:10 left on the clock. 

Good job to Jennings. Congratulations on a great season. Thank you for teaching us lessons and testing our endurance. 

Our students/school is blessed to have awesome students!  From athletes, to cheerleaders, to water girls, to those that support from the sideline - they are some of the best!!

Thank you always to our parents, families and fans for your great support and encouragement of the RM students and athletes. 

Rocky Mountain Rockets - 2018 ORES Division 3 State Champions!!!  Congratulations players and Coach Michael Page!!!  Job well done!!
Check out our Facebook Page for more photos of today’s game!

Check out our Facebook Page!

This week at a glance:

November 12-16


🇺🇸 Veterans Program, 10:30, New Gym

🏀 5/6 @ Peavine Tournament, 12:00 girls, 1:00 boys. Other games depend on record

 🍴 7/8 RADA orders and money due to Mrs. Reynolds


🏀 Cancelled - 7/8 basketball


🎶 5/6 Choral Festival, Performance inNew Gym @ 1:45


🍿 Concession


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