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Jennifer Cone

Jennifer Cone, about 14 hours ago

January 21-26 Monday πŸš€ NO SCHOOL for students. Professional development for staff. Tuesday πŸ€ 3/4 vs Maryetta, home , 9:00 πŸ€ 7/8 Adair County Tournament, Stilwell High School, girls @ 3:00, boys @ 4:00 Thursday πŸ€ 3rd @ Maryetta, 9:00 Friday 🍿 Concession see pic

Jennifer Cone

Jennifer Cone, 15 days ago

Jan 7-11 RMS Tournament is Monday through Friday. Thank you Armstrong Bank for sponsoring this tournament each year!! Remember to have your child at school each day and on time. School hours are 8:00 AM-3:05 PM. Each student is allowed 10 absences per semester. Three tardies equals one absence. Staff members may wear jeans all week. Monday ⭐️ Cheerleading practice after school Tuesday πŸ€3/4 game is cancelled πŸ€ 7/8 play Shady Grove. Girls @ 12:00, boys @ 1:00 We will update this page with teams” play times each day Wednesday ⭐️ Cheer practice after school Friday πŸ€ 3/4 basketball @ Cave Springs, 9:00 🍿 Concession

Jennifer Cone

Jennifer Cone, 22 days ago

Dec 31-January 4 Monday-Wednesday 😊 NO SCHOOL Thursday πŸ“š Back to school!!! πŸ€ 5-8 basketball @ Norwood, 4:00 Friday 🍿 Concession

Jennifer Cone

Jennifer Cone, about 1 month ago

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