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Alicia Ketcher

Alicia Ketcher, about 6 hours ago

RMS Schedule for August 12th 6:30-7:30 AM - extended care - only for families who have to drop students off in order to report to work. 7:35 -8:00 AM -parent drop-off, bus arrival and breakfast 😊 PreK - enter at pre-k building 😊 K - 4th - enter by office or at main entrance by 3/4 grade (which ever kind is shortest) 😊 5th-8th - enter new gym (Temperature checks will be at all entrances and masks must be worn upon entering the building). Only staff and students will be allowed inside the buildings. 3:05 PM - Dismissal (Parents park in parking lot across the street from new gym. Staff will help students across the street) 3:05-6:00 Extended care for working parents Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! πŸš€

Jennifer Cone

Jennifer Cone, about 12 hours ago

August School Board Meeting 2020 see pic

Alicia Ketcher

Alicia Ketcher, 1 day ago

RMS Reminder..... I will be located at the paved parking lot from 3:00-6:00 PM this evening so that you can pick up or drop off enrollment forms.

Alicia Ketcher

Alicia Ketcher, 2 days ago

πŸš€ First day of school for traditional, in-person will be August 12th. We will have a regular school day including, extended care, buses, breakfast and lunch. Parents must be working in order for students to stay in extended care before and after school. After school boys and girls club is open for 2nd -8th grade. πŸš€ Virtual school starts date is August 19th. More information later. πŸš€ if you need enrollment forms, you may pick those up Monday and Tuesday, 8:00-3:00 or Monday, 3:00-6:00 PM. You can pick up or drop off forms during these times. If that doesn’t work with your time schedule, we can send them home with your child on Wednesday and return them on Thursday. Otherwise, please send all forms on Wednesday. πŸš€ If you are able to access the internet, we ask that you fill out our survey before tomorrow evening. If you have already done do, thank you and there is no need to do it again. πŸš€ We will send out additional information concerning drop off, pick up, etc before Wednesday. πŸš€ If you have any questions, call our office, 918-696-7509, during the day or my cell, 918-797-0318 during the evening. We are looking forward to a challenging and exciting year!!

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