5-8 Parents..... Students MUST return all books, library books, school laptops/chargers, laptop cases and hot spots/charges. If your student has already returned their items, Thank You!!!
4 days ago, Alicia Ketcher
UPDATED link for meal sign up... https://forms.gle/FcRwdHxmrnVBLk9k7
4 days ago, Alicia Ketcher
RMS is excited to offer a 3 week summer session beginning March 24th for current 1st - 6th grade students. Click on the link for details and complete the form to sign up your student. https://forms.gle/4dfQWQb2LobSv9WF8
4 days ago, Alicia Ketcher
RMS families..... Rocky Mountain School will be providing free weekly meals to any person 18 and under living in your household during the month of June. Use the link to read the details and complete the form if you wish to pick up meals for your children. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1qOL83TNUy8Zjyr5C9KV5sgfJ21-hvs_sqVQoZ3BWNJs/edit?usp=sharing_eil_dm&ts=609ae9bf
4 days ago, Alicia Ketcher
RMS families.....I am experiencing β€œtechnical difficulties” with our survey links concerning summer meals and summer school. It should be sent to you by tomorrow evening. I apologize and thank you for your patience. πŸš€ Summer meals will be Available on a weekly basis like last summer, beginning June 1st and ending June 25th. πŸš€ Summer school will be offered to this year’s 1st - 6th grade, May 24-June 10, 8:00-1:00, emphasis on reading and math
5 days ago, Alicia Ketcher
May 2021 School Board Meeting Agenda and Payment Register
5 days ago, Jennifer Cone
Payment register May 2021
Agenda page 3
Agenda page 2
Agenda page 1
RMS May 10-14 🌸 Happy Mother’s Day to all RM mother’s and grandmothers! Monday πŸš€ Virtual student meal pick up, return of any homework, return of all school technology and hotspots, 10:00-10:30 πŸš€ ALL school laptops, tablets, laptop cases, chargers, hotspots and chargers need to be returned πŸš€ Link will be sent through text to sign up for weekly Summer Meals pick up πŸš€ 1st - 6th grade - info will be sent home concerning Summer School opportunity Tuesday πŸš€ Awards - we will post pictures on Facebook Wednesday πŸš€ Parents are invited to Fun Family Field Day, 10:00 - 1:00, football field Thursday πŸš€ 8th grade Graduation, 7:00, football field. Bring your lawn chair or sit in the bleachers. Friday πŸš€ Kindergarten Graduation, 10:00, New Gym πŸš€ Last Day of School
6 days ago, Alicia Ketcher
Menu and Calendar May 2021
11 days ago, Jennifer Cone
May 2021 Menu
May 2021 Calendar
May 3rd Special Meeting Agenda
12 days ago, Jennifer Cone
May 3rd Special Meeting Agenda
πŸ’™ May 3-7 is Teacher Appreciation Week. πŸ’™ At RM, every employee is a teacher! Please show your appreciation to your child’s classroom teacher, assistant, and other staff members through some small gesture such as a text, email, phone call or card to say thank you for spending countless hours loving and educating your child this year.
13 days ago, Alicia Ketcher
RMS May 3-7 Monday πŸš€ Virtual student meal pick up and homework exchange, 10:00-10:30 πŸš€ 5th and 8th grade State Testing, Science Tuesday πŸš€ 3-8 grade State Testing, Make Up Tests Friday πŸš€ Cherokee Culture activities with Mrs.Sparks and Ms. Hamby Upcoming Dates and Events πŸš€ May 10 - All students return tablets, laptops, cases, chargers, WiFi hotspots πŸš€ May 12 - Fun Family Field Day, 10:00-1:00 πŸš€ May 13 - 8th Grade Graduation, 7:00 PM, Football Field πŸš€ May 14 - Kindergarten Graduation, 10:00 AM, New Gym πŸš€ May 14 - Last Day of School
13 days ago, Alicia Ketcher
Fun Family Field Day
RMS Updated State Testing Schedule πŸš€ 3rd & 4th - testing Thursday and Friday mornings πŸš€ 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th (including virtual) - testing Thursday morning and afternoon πŸš€ 5th & 8th (including virtual) - testing Science Monday morning and afternoon
17 days ago, Alicia Ketcher
RMS Parents NO State testing today
17 days ago, Alicia Ketcher
RMS families πŸš€ No State Testing today. πŸš€ Be mindful of low water bridges πŸš€ Safety First!!!!
17 days ago, Alicia Ketcher
RMS families... We are watching the weather. Hopefully, this will pass through before time to travel to school. We will keep you posted. Most importantly, stay safe.
17 days ago, Alicia Ketcher
RMS April 26-30 Monday - Thursday πŸš€ State Testing for 3rd - 8th grade. Please make sure your child is at school each day, is on time and has had a good night’s sleep. Monday πŸš€ 10:00-10:30 Virtual student meal pick up and homework exchange. Monday & Tuesday πŸš€ Homework help w/ Mrs. Goldman, 3:05-4:30 Friday πŸš€ 8th grade to Silver Dollar City. Times TBA.
20 days ago, Alicia Ketcher
RMS Reminder......... Tomorrow’s dress up day is Animal Day - wear clothing with animals or animal print. πŸΆπŸ±πŸ―πŸ»πŸΌπŸ°πŸ¦„
23 days ago, Alicia Ketcher
RMS Virtual Students.,,, πŸš€ Monday is meal pick up and homework exchange πŸš€ State Testing for 3-8 grade. We will be calling to let you what time to have students at school and when to pick them up. Different students have different dates and times based upon required tests and individual student needs.
27 days ago, Alicia Ketcher
RMS April 19-24 and End of Year Activity Dates πŸ’™ Several mornings this week are projected to be cold. Students may need to wear extra layers this week Monday - Wednesday πŸ“š 5-8 grade after school tutoring and homework help with Mrs. Reynolds and/or Ms. Goldman, 3:05-4:30 Friday πŸš€ Dress Up Day - wear clothing with animals or animal prints Saturday πŸ† ORES State Track at North Rock Creek in Shawnee. Congratulations to our track teams who competed at regionals last week! Lots of individual and team placings. Girls team are Regional Champions! Go Rockets!! End of Year Dates πŸš€ April 26-29, 3-8 grade State Testing πŸš€ May 13, 8th grade graduation, football field, 7:00 PM πŸš€ May 14, Kindergarten graduation, new gym, 10:00 AM πŸš€ May 14, Last Day of School - updated to extra days built into calendar that were not used for weather and emergencies.
27 days ago, Alicia Ketcher
RMS Kindergarten Parents..... Kindergarten graduation will be Friday, May 14th at 10:00 AM in the New Gym. Due to Covid capacity requirements, students will be allowed to have no more than 15 guests. This year, we ordered new graduation capes and caps so you will be able to see the outfit that they are wearing. If you have questions, please call the office at 918-696-7509.
29 days ago, Alicia Ketcher